Martin Spindler

Consultant, Speaker & Writer
on the Internet of Things &
Smart Energy


You have heard of the Internet of Things but don’t know what it means for you?

Do you need your organisation to be up to speed in this changing environment?
Let’s talk. Between in-house talks, workshops and in-depth consulting, we can find the right solution for you to stay ahead of the competition. And if you need research into how your market will be affected – that can be done, too!


All technology has a human component — no matter whether it’s your customers, your staff, your electorate.

But finding out how new technologies can benefit people isn’t always that easy, and often requires a new set of eyes.
Get in touch and let’s find out how not to make people want things, but how to make things people want.

Speaking and Writing

If you’re looking for a speaker for your event, or a writer to contribute to your publication – look no further.

You’ll find an excerpt of my previous speaking engagements as well as some publications I’ve written for here.